We invite you to join us on a cultural and artistic journey to the heart of the Great Silk Road. Connect with master artisans in exotic places, find unique products that will excite your imagination, and make a real difference in the world with every purchase. 

HoonArts is dedicated to bringing unique, high quality handmade arts and crafts from Tajikistan and other countries along the Great Silk Road to the US market, using Fair Trade principles.  "HoonArts" is the fusion of the Tajik word "hoonar" or "hunar," meaning "art" or "craft," and the English word "arts." We hope that HoonArts will serve as the first major handicrafts bridge between Tajikistan and the US, helping to preserve and promote traditional Tajik handicrafts while also promoting economic development for the artisans, many of whom are impoverished women in rural mountain areas.  



HAND-EYE MAGAZINE: Racing Against Time-Saving Tajikistan's Textiles